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Actor | Director | Ginger



written by

Peter Kim George

Catherine (Lynnsey Ooten) walks barefoot from Providence, Rhode Island to Perris, California, updating her video blog daily, beset by online trolls, swollen feet, too many bananas, boredom, laughter, poverty, crying. A good tip: stay on the painted white line when walking on the road barefoot, it’s cooler and smoother.

"Ooten is extraordinary as the physical, emotional, and mental toll of the journey displays itself in a quivering voice, a self-conscious laugh, a bead of sweat rolling down her nose, a guttural scream."
-Kyle Turner, Medium 

Producer & Director of


a digital series

created by Brandon Garegnani

A dark comedy about an illustrator who splits when his latest drawing springs to life and splatters his monochrome world with color.

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The Lady From Long Island City:

a short film

a short film by Donaldo Prescod

The Lady from Long Island City is a modern day noir. Julie, a TV exec, is being blackmailed by her ex-husband. Feeling trapped, she decides to hire Sam, a contract killer, to take him out. When Julie and Sam meet for the first time, there are surprises at every turn that neither could have expected.