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Lynnsey Ooten creates whimsical stories that are unflagging in their exploration of raw truth, with a bend toward laughter and an eye for detail. By leading with curiosity, compassion, and moxie, she creates safe spaces where she can be collaborative and decisive with her team.


Lynnsey is a gal who knows how to assemble a small village to deliver a tall tale.


In the World

of Sounds

When Snubby, an idealistic handgun, embarks on a mission with their owner to save the world from phonies, they uncover the shocking truth about their destiny and fight to alter it.

"Lynnsey brings a strong visual style to the world...she’s at her best when she’s working with the absolute insanity of her lead character’s fantasy world. Paint splatters and hard lines define her style."

-The Daily Fandom


Larz, a struggling illustrator with a project deadline, pushes himself to the borderline of sanity and has a much needed creative breakthrough, literally, as his drawing comes to life. 

"Sharp sense of pacing..."

-Manhattan with a Twist

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